Jobs 4 Students

 *Jobs For Students -  of any age
Students are needed for the
California Art Experience,
Open Studio Tour

The California Art Experience, Open Studio Tour is seeking students for light administrative duties and work out-on-the-field.

The work is part-time, paid and comes with opportunities to work towards goals and receive bonuses. You will need to be positive in energy, enjoy the Arts, be responsible, organized and willing to learn new things while meeting new people.

The areas of available work to pick from are:

* Postering/Removing Event Flyers & Lawn Signs

* Writing Editorials about the Art World, featuring Local Artists

* Create Short Documentaries and Video Ads for the Art Community

* Produce Digital Graphics for Event Flyers, Social Media and Websites

* Market Ads & Contests via all Social Media Outlets

*  Be a part of fundraising activities - from start to finish, there's so much to be done and it feels wonderful to make a positive difference in the world

*  Learn office skills and etiquette - from filing to scheduling, this is an important part of every project

The work is continuous as, this is an ongoing event, year-round and monthly. If you are interested, please email:
* Your Name
* The Type of Work you would like to  do
* Your Skills, if any
to: [email protected]

Please visit and select 'Open Studio Tours'. This will highlight you on the Art show and it's details.
See You There :)